Alice in Wonderland - Paper Swatchbook

This Class project was an exploration of different types of Papers, and production techniques. As part of the assignment was to design a swatch book, with a strong theme to appeal to designers. The Theme of the book being Alice in Wonderland appeals to adults and children alike. And Designers have much more in common with Wonderland than they think. Exploring this vivid connection with the designer's real world, the swatch book gives fun collection of papers to suit every character along with the paper charts. The book comes with a special edition box, that also doubles as a clock, and makes a great keepsake for users. Designers are often looked upon by outsiders like how we have come to interpret the whimsical characters. All the characters are so vivid and colorful, they could all be a sum of characteristics of people we know.

Art DirectionBrandingCopywriting

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