Harry Potter _ Movie CD Package

This package is a hypothetical, project for a collector's edition for the last installment of the Harry Potter series. The package is built by hand, which depicts the three objects that make a wizard the most powerful, in the world. The pyramid made from plexiglass represents the invisibility cloak, the resurrectionstone is reflected on the other side, with a snitch (because it was hidden in a snitch by Dumbledore) Using reflective material, and constructing only half of the spheres, the object looks complete from the side, but together creates a mystical appearance. The whole package is designed to resprest the symbol of the deathly hallows.

Art DirectionGraphic DesignPackaging
The protaginist - Harry Potter and his two friends set out on the final journey
to vanquish the ‘Dark Lord’. The story leads them to the three objects the Dark Lord is hunting.
The ‘Resurrection stone’, The Elder wand, The Invisibility cloak. These three objects make any
wizard invisible. His Professor-Dumbledore, leaves Harry the snitch he won in his first year,
which reveals the resurrection stone as the climax of the movie.

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